What is a Content Writer?

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So what is content? What is a content writer? And what is content marketing?

If you are asking these questions then you are in luck as I’m hopefully going to answer that for you in this post.

So what is content?

The content marketing institute or CMI state “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Content is anything from video, text, audio, infographic or just a picture, it is anything that adds value to a reader, viewer, listener or customer.

What is a content writer?

What a content writer does is write content, either website content such as a homepage, about, or even sales copy for products. Or blog posts either to inform of news, events, entertain, to be humorous, to sale or with the intention to go viral. A content writer can also write copy for charities or non-profits, this is usually where story-telling is more important, so this is where you really need to get a great content writer. Someone who can engage and grab readers attention, and make them feel more than just the need to purchase a product.

And content marketing?

content marketing is the use of content either video, infographic or blog posts made by a content writer, to market a product or service.

This is done in many ways in digital marketing, and content is definitely one of the most important aspects of digital marketing especial in recent years, as they say “content is king” and that is never more true than it is today.

  1. Content can be used to engage and interact with customers or users of your brand, product or service. These posts need to be shareable, engaging and worthwhile to the reader, they need to add value to the reader, this doesn’t mean it needs to be life caging, just either thought provoking, funny, entertaining or just really informative. The more value you add the more shares you gain and the more exposure you’ll get.
  2. SEO. content marketing is the main indigent in the SEO mix, yes link building is huge but without sharable content you can’t build worthwhile links. and the better SEO optimised your content is and the more value it ha the better Google will view it when deciding how highly your site will rank.
  3. News and events, great content can announce news or sales your brand or business maybe having, this can be using a press release or a bog post or via social media.

What else can a content writer do?

Well some content writers like the one linked to in the introduction can give you all different digital marketing services such as SEO, design, web design and many other things.

Content writers can also be hired to writer CVs, books, leaflets, booklets or even ebooks or pdfs. When you find a great content writer, who is on the same page as you (pun intended) then they can use them time and time again on any project you may need.

I hope that cleared up a few things about what a content writer does.